About Us

kelleemack media was born in 2021 as a separate branch to its former kelleemack pr umbrella. Based in Los Angeles, CA, KMM is a full-service worldwide social media and digital marketing firm. From strategy to content creation to paid media to data and insights to email marketing and even Spotify playlisting, clients can choose one option, mix and match or combine them all to meet their specific social media and digital marketing needs.



Audience Research and Development
Customer Competitor Analysis
Fan Engagement
Social Listening
Specialized Campaigns
Strategic Planning and Execution Daily


Ad Funnel, Strategy and Execution
Daily Monitoring and Optimization


Graphic Design
Short-Form Video


Email Marketing
Market Research
Target Audience


Editorial and Listener Playlists

Kelly MacGaunn


Kelly MacGaunn's career in the digital world began with a fanzine/blog she created while in college at California State University, Northridge, while also interning in the PR department at Marketing Factory Inc/Ink.

It took a pandemic for her two worlds to split into allowing MacGaunn the time and resources to launch kelleemack media.

Like anything else, she is all-in with her approach. A friendly voice of reason when artists, lifestyle brands, struggling businesses, and start-ups are faced with the daunting task of social media and digital marketing when already spread thin handling the ever-changing digital world that we currently live in. MacGaunn knows what it takes to work with a vast array of clients in the PR world and has brought that same frame of mind to KMM and its clientele.

That guidance has helped maximize each client’s success through the KMPR umbrella over the past seventeen years, and will continue with KMM and our digital services. KMPR will assist in all avenues of marketing to increase clients’ brand awareness, attract new leads, while giving them a unique voice and presence across all social media platforms. KMPR/KMM tailors each project to the clients' needs and ensures their socials represent who they are and what they stand for.

Taylor Mandel

Social Media Manager

Taylor joined kelleemackpr in January 2021. With a B.S. in Radio/Television, a minor in Marketing, and a Master’s in Music Business and Entertainment Industries, she has extensive experience in all media-related fields. She dives into each campaign with a client-focused approach and creates custom strategies and solutions to ensure maximum results.